If you were a member prior to the 2010-2011 season you may notice that the female age group of 35+ has been altered to coinside with the Athletics Victoria Country Championships age groupings and is now 40+. All 35+ records will now remain unchallenged and new records commencing in the 2010 -2011 Summer Season have been listed as they are created.

If you feel you have broken a record please complete the “Claiming A Record” form below and return it to the club via mail or hand it to a committee member for verification.

To be eligible to claim a record the athlete must be a member of Wodonga Athletics Club and representing the club. The only exception to this will be where athletes have earned a place in the Victorian team and are representing Victoria. The meet should either be a part of the Wodonga Athletic Club program or run by Athletics Victoria/Athletics Australia. For Example Victorian Country Championships.

Times/distances achieved, where an athlete is not representing Wodonga Athletic Club are ineligible to be claimed as records. For example, All Schools where an athlete is representing their school and not the club.

Records were extended in October 2012 to include 70+.